Maurene Horder

Chief Executive Officer, Migration Institute of Australia

Due to the complexity of regular changes to migration law in Australia, there exists an ongoing need for up-to-date advice and information for all prospective visa applicants. This publication is of great assistance in meeting that market need.

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) is delighted to support this project, which provides an excellent service to those who wish to come to Australia. It will no doubt prove invaluable for prospective migrants to better understand Australia and the services they will need to access prior to and upon arrival in the country.

The listing of MIA Registered Member Agents (RMAs) included in this publication provides a comprehensive directory of Australia’s top migration advice professionals, all qualified and experienced in their chosen areas of visa specialisation.

MIA Member Agents are committed to meeting clients’ needs and understand their responsibility to the Australian community, and I trust readers will benefit from their extensive knowledge of Australian immigration law, employment markets, universities, communities and culture. These agents recognise and respect the rights, dignity and individuality of all persons, act ethically and with integrity and can be of great assistance with all migration needs.

Australia has long been a major country for migrants to settle. People have come from every corner of the globe. In the last 40 years particularly our population has grown enormously due to immigration. Immigration has enhanced the cosmopolitan character of Australia, making it an exciting, interesting, thriving and dynamic place to live and work safely.

The MIA is the peak body in Australia representing migration advice professionals and it is primarily concerned with migration policy and research. The Institute is committed to keeping abreast of changes as they happen and protecting Australia’s reputation as a desirable destination and place to live and work. Whether people want to come as students, temporary workers, tourists, permanent residents, refugees or to reunite with families, it is essential that they be given correct advice to achieve their objectives.

All MIA Agents comply with the Australian Government’s mandatory code of conduct and with the Institute’s own higher standards of ethics and behaviour. These professionals can help with all aspects of migration advice and many will also assist with particular settlement services at discounted rates that are achieved through the MIA’s corporate partnerships. Moving to another country is a major life experience and needs to be done with the best help available. Moving to Australia should be the best decision you ever make.