After living in Argentina for most his life and working as an accountant, Enrique Miguel chose to migrate to Australia in late 2010.

My choices were Canada and Australia, so I chose Australia for the better weather,” says Enrique. Once he decided to move to Australia, Enrique had no difficulties settling in. After only seven months in Sydney, he had secured a job, apartment and friends. “The migration program was efficient and it was quite easy to find a migration agent. It’s hard to do it yourself with all the forms that need to be filled out and the difficulty of not knowing what visa to apply for or how long it will take,” he says.

Enrique currently works as an accountant in a job he applied for online - and he didn’t have to look very far.

“When you’re looking for jobs online, is the first site you go to and it was the first job I applied for - and I got it,” Enrique says.

The company is even paying for Enrique to complete a CPA course here.

“I’ll go through the extra three years of study part-time to gain the same qualifications I already had in Argentina, but it will be better for work.”

Enrique has found other activities that he enjoys in Australia, along with the culture.

“What I like about Australia is if there is anything you want, you can find it. If you want to eat Argentinean food you are able to go and find an Argentinean restaurant.

“In Sydney I still feel the excitement of being a tourist after eight months. I enjoy playing soccer with my co-workers and my partner, and I enjoy travelling as much as we can. I travel to Melbourne for work and my partner joins me on those trips.”


Enrique had studied for many years in both Argentina and Spain to become an accountant but wasn’t certain that it was what he wanted to do.

“In Argentina there are few professions that you can make a living out of and will be able to find a job after graduating. I got lucky, because accountants are in high demand in Australia,” he says.

“I already have a better role than I did in Argentina. The friends I have, the apartment that I live in - I feel as if I’m going to be here forever. It’s more like winning the lottery than successes, although I had to do a lot of research and a lot of study to become successful.”

Enrique says he finds Australian and Argentinian workplaces similar in many ways, but there are some stark differences. “People complain [in Australia] about things they would never even think of in Argentina, like staying at work until 6pm. In Argentina we stay until 9pm because the employer is in a much stronger position. He can say, ‘If you don’t like it, go home if you want - I’ll have 1000 people knocking on my door tomorrow for your job’. But in Australia it’s a very professional environment - the people may only work eight hours a day, but they really work those hours.”