South Australia a brilliant blend on 14 August 2011, 05.31
South Australia a brilliant blend
South Australia is a cost-competitive environment for trade and business, with innovative industries, a highly skilled and productive workforce, and safe and welcoming communities. South Australia’s evolving economy continues to perform strongly. While some nations and regions experience ongoing challenges in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, the South Australian ec
South Australia means business on 14 August 2011, 05.36
South Australia means business
South Australia is currently experiencing its highest levels of immigration in decades. Skilled workers, business migrants, and students from around the world are choosing to live in a state that offers the work, business, and living opportunities they’ve always dreamed about. Local economy and business There are many and varied opportunities for people who have the quali
Barossa’s good life on 14 August 2011, 05.44
Barossa’s good life
The Barossa is different to any other Australian wine region, in that it was settled 160 years ago by an entire European community from Silesia (now part of Poland), most of whom moved to Australia to escape religious persecution in Germany.. The first settlers in the Barossa were orderly, hard-working people who planted small vineyards, orchards and vegetable garden