Australia’s economic powerhouse on 14 August 2011, 04.25
Australia’s economic powerhouse
Victoria is home to over five million people, and is the nation’s most densely populated state. The state has a strong economy and excellent employment and business opportunities, making Victoria highly appealing to migrants from all nations. Immigration has lead to the establishment of vibrant multicultural communities that are safe, family friendly, and welcoming. Ethnic
Bendigo - a city built on dreams on 14 August 2011, 04.28
Bendigo - a city built on dreams
The grand opulence of Bendigo’s tree-lined streetscape and magnificent historic buildings are evidence of the dreams of the 1850s gold rush era pioneers. The pioneering spirit that created the great wealth of the gold rush continues among the amazing people and businesses of Bendigo, a vibrant city of more than 100,000 people with a strong sense of community. Locate